What is photovoltaic solar energy?

Photovoltaic solar energy is electrical energy generated from sunlight. To do this, solar modules have been developed from photovoltaic cells using sophisticated electronic industrial processes.


A photovoltaic module is a component manufactured from photovoltaic cells, being the key element in installations generating electricity directly from sunlight. The best way to think of a module, due to its objective and configuration, is as a photovoltaic generator, providing electrical energy from sunlight.

The module is used in installations comprising groups of modules that are interconnected by means of additional components.

As a final complement in the installations, these components are the equipment necessary to connect to the electricity grid, as can be seen in the diagram below..

Also in autonomous environments such as rural locations or electrically propelled automobiles, in which electricity is directly or indirectly stored in accumulators. Accumulators are vital for these applications, being progressively more efficient (cheaper, lighter, smaller).