Why photovoltaic solar energy?

Photovoltaic solar energy is sustainable; it is profitable, ideal for a country with 35 % percent solar radiation, and therefore installed in an area in the centre of Europe.

It is efficient in comparison with other sources of energy and will be even more so with the optimisation of processes and improvements in materials. It is expected to reach an optimum level of price efficiency in 2015, and will continue improving the following years.

Production with multicrystalline cells, which require one third of the investment in growth ovens in comparison to monocrystalline, a reduction in the thickness of the silicon wafers, cut and processed with constantly more precise and automatic systems, progress from metallurgical silicon with five or six-nines purity instead of the nine of electronic silicon, etc., will result in greater productivity per euro invested.

Amorphous silicon and the thin-layer cells-panels reduce the peak watt investment produced by 60%; although they double the surface area needed to generate new energy, they are highly efficient in areas with low-priced land.

The same can be said of the concentration and guide systems, an area where very interesting proposals are emerging, in which Heliene plans to introduce improved new products.

Spain became the 2nd country in the world in installations after Germany in 2007 and 2008, and in both the short and long-term, it is expected to stay in the lead of this industry. In Heliene we are enthusiastic and convinced.