Heliene provides the Malmesbury\'s Park with photovoltaic modules for 5 Mw

With solar radiation equivalent to North Germany's, in 2011 South England has installed this impressive PV system going down to the renewable energy's path as a sustainable energetic alternative allowing auto production as in the most advanced countries of the world.

In order to select modules with a guaranteed optimised performance still saving payoff, SUNSTROOM called in the HEE 215M modules of HELIOS ENERGY EUROPE benefiting from its textured and non reflecting optical glass' structure, built with mono-crystalline cells which generate 250 Wp. By optoelectronic combination, the Heliene's modules allow a better multidirectional light rays' capture increasing its efficiency by 6.5%

Sunstroom and Heliene built the most ambitious project of the moment in the UK buy combination of PV's promotion, equipment's installation and renewable energy's production. The results of this project will encourage future installations in the area; not only of solar parks but also for countryside or industrial facilities, owing to the new legislation's orientation.