Solar House FabLab


Fab Lab House, a solar house meant to produce energy, food and tools.


It has participated at Solar Decathlon 2010, a contest for solar houses hold in Madrid in the end of June and developed by the Instituto de Arquitectura Avanzada de Catalunya (IaaC), the Massachussets Institute of Technology and the worldwide web of Faba Labs. 




This house is equipped with flexible architectural built in modules made with Sunpower cells and manufactured by HELIENE at its factory in Badalona con células Sunpower.




Endesa (energetic efficiency) was  involved at this project, Schneider Electric (electric solutions)  Visoren, company for subsidized renting housing.




This 70 sqm house only uses solar energy and is made in wood. It has been developed by architects and experts of 20 countries and will be on sale once the solar contest is finished. Price? "From Eur 199,000.00 on". Named Fab Lab House, this was introduced by the Instituto de Arquitectura Avanzada de Cataluña and is self defined as "the first intelligent home which can produce more energy than it can consume, apart of being able to produce food and tools”